moon time

05-01-16 § Leave a comment

oh my god i’m doing it two days in a row. this is probably only happening because jason hasn’t been here. when i stop being lonely (for him only) i probably won’t be so regular at this????? who the hell knows

speaking of regular, like clockwork my period is here on the first and it hurts so bad i can’t stand up straight and am also having trouble sitting in this chair because my knees and lower back are having their period too apparently. my life is too fucking exciting. can’t wait to have a job that i have to get lectured at for calling off too much because of my uterus issues. not that any of these places are calling me back. haha i love me and my life is great and i DON’T wanna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like what the hell am i supposed to do, go to work when i’m all hunched over and shitting myself/about to faint and puke? okay jo stop talking about your fucking menstruation this isn’t what you’re gonna wanna read about years from now when you go to delete this wordpress GOD

i have $7.33 to my name and someone is mad tryna hack my paypal account. THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE MY 7 DOLLARS. i also have no cigarettes as of 5 seconds ago. i know suffering and it is changing me. i can’t sell shit, no one wants my pristine, tags-still-on freepeople wardrobe. why must i remain poor and helpless.

oh well, i’m gonna go sit in the shower and cry, this was pointless. like my existence


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